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  • BCH210 Test 2 Seminar schedule updated!
  • CHM247 Test 2 Seminar schedule updated!
  • MAT133 Test 1 Seminar happening this Friday Oct 24, Sat Oct 25 and Sun Oct 26

Message From the President

Welcome to Toronto Life Science

On behalf of our staff, teaching team and board of directors I like to extend a warm welcome and thank you for taking the time visiting our website. Here, you will find an overview of The Toronto Life Sciences group and articulates many of the reasons why we are justly renowned as:

One of the finest teaching and highest quality of exam preparation group.

The quality of exam preparation we provide is not only the best by words, but also backed by our President's 100% Full Refund Guarantee

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Our Programs

TLS offers 3 unique services, at a level of quality unmatched by any of our competitors - Our Staff and Instructors are the best in the business and complement our academic programs.

1. Term Test Reviews > 2. Small Group Tutoring > 3. Individual Tutoring >
24 Oct:    MAT133 Test 1 Seminar (Part 1)
Please click on course tab for full details.
25 Oct:    Good Luck on MAT135 Test!
TLS wishes all of our MAT135 students the BEST of LUCK on your term test!
25 Oct:    MAT133 Test 1 Seminar (Part 2)
Please click on course tab for full details.
25 Oct:    CHM247 Test 2 (Part 1 Seminar)
Please click on course tab for full details.


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Kushbu Loyal

by the end Collin had me fall in love with chemistry and actually enjoy myself while doing practice problems

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